What is Baccarat? Revealing an easy-to-understand way to predict consecutive wins

What is Baccarat? It is a card game that any newbie when just joining the betting sport should not ignore. In the article below, New88SG We will explain and give you detailed instructions on the easiest way to predict consecutive winning numbers!

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game using a deck of 52 cards with a gameplay quite similar to the traditional 3-card card game in Vietnam. The participation form is quite simple, each participant will be dealt 3 cards by the Leader. Next, the player will analyze and place bets.

Here, there will be three main gates for you to book including:

  • Banker (Bookmaker)
  • Player
  • Tie (Tie Gate).

If you choose the correct bet, you will win and receive all the bonus as well as the initial bet amount.

What is Baccarat that so many people love? The most attractive point of the game is probably that this is not only a card game based on luck, but you also have to know how to calculate points, analyze and arrange cards to win.

Revealing an easy-to-understand way to predict consecutive winning numbers

What is Baccarat prediction? This is a form where players will rely on previous results to make rules and predict the outcome of the next bet. Below are commonly used ways to read Baccarat bridge.

How to predict fortune

What is the bottom prediction in the game Baccarat? This is a form of prediction that many people love and use. The way to recognize the flat bridge in Baccarat is quite simple, it is based on the Banker and Player ports, if you win 3 consecutive games or more, you will raise the bridge. Some notes when using this prediction method:

  • Observe and closely monitor the history of recent bets to be able to give the most effective prediction tips.
  • If you see the results of 4 consecutive games going to one gate, follow that gate until the bridge breaks, then stop.
  • You need to analyze and observe carefully to be able to break the bridge correctly. Normally, when the result is 7-10 consecutive rounds, you should change the gate or reduce the bet amount to avoid losing capital.

What is the way to predict horizontal numbers in Baccarat?

Horizontal bridge analysis is the trick of analyzing bridges alternately and going horizontally. This is a prediction trick that requires players to have a lot of money to raise the bridge as well as a lot of experience to avoid losing capital.

Looking at the horizontal bridge will make you broke if unfortunately the flat bridge appears and you don’t know how to break it in time. However, as long as you understand the rules of horizontal bridges and flat bridges, patiently raising bridges will make it easy for you to receive great rewards.

Predict the probability of Banker in Baccarat

Most forms of player prediction are often based on the results of previous matches. According to experts, the probability of Banker is higher than that of Player and Tie ports. Therefore, using the Banker portal to bet will have a greater chance of winning.

However, to apply Baccarat casino to always win, you need to combine many different tips for analysis. Normally, you need to observe at least 10 hands to see the appearance of the gates. Once you have stabilized, proceed to raise the bridge!
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Method 6789 in Baccarat

What is Baccarat prediction 6789? This is a quite new form but also very simple. Participants will bet on Player or Banker in order 6 – 7 – 8 – 9.

If the bet is on Player port, you will continue to bet 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 and will place in reverse order if Banker port wins. Besides, if a draw appears, the player should not apply this form of prediction.

This method of prediction has a fairly high winning rate, but you need to apply it properly and be patient to raise the bet. Soi Soi 6789 requires players to place reasonable bets at the portals to recover capital more easily.

Predict Baccarat based on card probability

What is Baccarat card probability prediction? This is a pretty good tip for new players. This form is mainly based on the statistics of the card scores. Normally in house games there will be 3 main betting portals: Banker – Player – Tie. You need to observe and calculate the probability to see if you should draw a third card or not.

For example, if your score is already 6 – 7 points, you should not risk drawing a third card. On the contrary, if your score is quite low, about 0 – 5, you should draw one more card to improve your score.

Summary of questions from players when participating in Baccarat

For new players joining this subject, the game feels very new and extremely confusing. Besides frequently asking the question “What is Baccarat?” Below are some questions from players when participating in this game lobby.

Is Baccarat a scam?

Baccarat is considered a reputable betting game, this is a game built by independent companies, the creator will program the results in a random form. Therefore, the winning or losing ratio of the bets will not be under the house’s control and will not be interfered with.

When participating in betting at the Baccarat game, you will be able to observe transparent card boxes online to help you easily monitor the betting process. Therefore, it can be said that this is a transparent, fair and civilized game for participants.

Is Baccarat legal?

What is Baccarat? And are they reputable? These are probably the two most asked questions when you participate in this game. Whether Baccarat is legal or not depends on the form and different countries.

When participating in betting card games, each country will have different legal policies and regulations. For example, in Western countries, they consider gambling to be legal and everyone can freely participate. On the contrary, in Eastern countries, online betting is completely banned.

How to manage money when playing cards?

When participating in betting games, money management to avoid capital loss is very important. A small tip to help you get to shore safely is when raising Baccarat bridge, divide your bet amount into different ports. This helps you manage your capital more easily.

What is baccarat investment?

This is a form where players will bet on the Baccarat game, but you need to prepare yourself a very large amount of money to invest. If you have enough experience and apply the tips, the amount you earn can be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled.

Investing in betting on Baccarat is currently a money-making trend for many young people. However, this is a game that depends on luck quite a bit. Therefore, before deciding to invest, you need to take the time to research and come up with strategies to avoid losses!


The above article answers questions about what is Baccarat? And some tips to always win when playing Baccarat atLive casino  New88. Hopefully the above sharing can help you get more interesting playing tips and increase your chances of winning big!

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