The Secret to Applying Successful Online Sic Bo Betting Formula

Formula for playing Tai Xiu online helps increase your chances of winning that you should not miss. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, the strategies and techniques in this article will help you approach the game from a completely different perspective. Let’s explore with Nhacaiuytin how to apply it to bring about promising victories!

The exact definition of online Tai Xiu

If you are a person who loves challenges and is interested in online betting games, online Tai Xiu is definitely not to be missed. Considered one of the most popular and interesting genres in the world, betting games have attracted millions of participants.

You just need to make a prediction about the total score when rolling 3 dice. This game is also known as Sicbo or Hi-lo. As long as members make accurate predictions within the specified amount, they will win the appropriate amount of prize money.

In fact, the game has conquered millions of gamers with its simple yet attractive formula for playing Tai Xiu online and brings a feeling of enchantment and excitement. By quickly guessing correctly, members can win big and grasp their luck.

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Popular online Sic Bo betting formulas

Over/Under Nhacaiuytin famous for its diverse betting methods and different levels. Below, we will analyze each of the most popular formulas for your reference:

Bet on Over or Under

This is the simplest bet because there are only 2 options: Over (11 – 17 points) or Under (4 – 10 points). Players only need to predict whether the total score of the 3 dice is between Over or Under to place a bet.

The advantage of this form is very simple, easy to understand and the probability of winning is 50% for each choice. Therefore, this is a suitable way to play for first-time players and players without much experience.

Of course, the reward for a successful guess is not as high as other online Sic Bo betting formulas such as identical pairs and identical sets of 3. Therefore, if you want to earn higher profits, members can try the following types.

Set identical duo

The formula for playing Sic Bo online “identical duo” is to predict the same score of 2 dice out of 3 rolled. The advantage of this form is that the reward is higher than regular Sicbo betting. Specifically:

  • If you correctly predict the same pair but do not know the exact score in advance, you will be rewarded 1.5 to 2 times the bet amount.
  • If you predict the correct pair and the correct score, you will receive a higher reward, up to 5 – 10 times the bet amount.

Therefore, if you want to make higher profits, this way of playing is an ideal choice.

Set of 3 identical

Betting on a set of 3 is to predict that all 3 dice will have the same score. This is considered the way to play that brings the highest reward.

  • If you correctly predict the same set of 3 but do not know the exact score in advance, you will be rewarded about 5 – 15 times the bet amount.
  • If you predict the correct set of 3 and the correct score, you will receive a very high reward, up to 50 – 200 times the bet amount.

If you are lucky and have experience betting on identical sets of 3, you will make a huge profit from the bet. However, the probability of winning is only 1 in 8 because there are a total of 8 different possible combinations of the 3 dice.

Total bet

When placing a total bet, the player needs to predict the exact total score of the 3 dice that will come out between 4 and 17 points. The reward level if the prediction is successful will be listed specifically before betting.

The advantage of total betting is that the probability of winning is quite high and there are many choices ranging from 4 – 17 points. However, the reward when winning a bet is only moderate, usually only 1.5 – 3 times the bet amount. In addition, customers also need to be quick and sharp to be able to place money accurately at the appropriate stage, before the 3 dice on the table stop spinning.

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The secret to using the formula to play Tai Xiu online successfully

Let’s explore the formula for playing Tai Xiu online from experts Nhacaiuytin. Find your own online Sicbo betting strategy.

Apply magic bridge

The bet is the key to applying the formula for playing Tai Xiu online effectively. Formed from the 5th round onwards, the flat bridge is a significant change in the game’s trend. This creates a good opportunity for you to apply strategies and optimize your chances of winning.

The bridge is based on the Fibonacci number sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8), you will see the gradual and careful management of capital and bets. When you catch, take advantage of the 5th to 7th hands to increase your bet drastically. But don’t forget, being careful and sensitive is the key. Check carefully and decide on reasonable bets so as not to miss any opportunities.

Unique strategy 2 – 1 – 2

In the world of online Sic Xiu formulas, there exists a strategy known by the interesting name “2-1-2”. The 2-1-2 bridge is a type that appears quite often in the game Sicbo, especially in short-term cycles. This type of bet has a special form: under – under – over or over – over. The important thing is how you can take advantage of the opportunity, to bet smartly and effectively.

To execute the 2-1-2 trick, you will place strong at the 4th and 5th hands of the bridge. These are the first two hands, when the possibility of winning the bet is still high. Next, you should adjust and bet less on the 6th hand, finally stopping on the 7th hand if the bridge is still running.

The 2-1-2 bridge is reasonable and relatively frequent in Hi-lo games, creating opportunities for you to win big. Although predicting whether the bridge will run long or short can be difficult, this strategy is especially effective when you bet heavily on the first hands.

When applying any online Sic Xiu formula, understanding and practicing is very important. Experiment with in-game strategies and enjoy the fun of applying them wisely. Don’t forget to grab the chance to win big here Online Tai Xiu website Nhacaiuytin, take advantage of these unique tips to optimize your chances of success!

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