The most detailed and simple way to play Tam Chrysanthemum card game to win big

Tam Cuc card game has long been known as a folk game and has become quite popular, conquering the gamer market. Special, How to play tam chrysanthemum card game Not as complicated as other types of cards. However, to win, you need to understand the rules of the game. To help you solve this problem, the following article will introduce how to play Tam Cuc professionally, please pay attention.
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Basic rules of the card game Tam Cuc

How to play Tam Chrysanthemum card game with basic game rules shared with you below:

Deck of three chrysanthemum cards

Tam chrysanthemum cards are often written in Chinese characters, making it difficult for new players to understand. Specifically:

  • 将: General.
  • 士: Si.
  • 像: Statue card has the image of an elephant.
  • 車: Vehicle and has a picture of a vehicle.
  • 砲: Cannon and shaped like a cannon.
  • 馬: Code and drawing of a horse.
  • 卒: On the card there is a picture of a soldier.

How to play tam chrysanthemum cards – About how to arrange tam chrysanthemum cards

When playing Tam Chrysanthemum to win for yourself, the rules of the game are the basic things you need to know. More specifically:

  • Place two cards close together to form a pair, like a pair of pink cars and a pair of black fireworks.
  • Set of 3 includes 3 cards of the same color, including set of 3 (chariot, cannon, knight) or set of 3 (general, soldier, bishop). In addition to the triad, it is important to note that (statue, statue, chariot), (statue, chariot) is not counted as a triad.
  • If there are 4 good cards of the same color, it is considered a Four of a Kind.
  • If there are 5 good cards of the same color, it is a Five Death deck.
  • Cards that are not of the same suit will be placed separately.

How to divide in three chrysanthemums

Normally, the number of players in the tam chrysanthemum card game can be 2-4, and the rules for dealing cards are also different as follows:

  • How to play Tam Chrysanthemum card game 2 people: Each person will receive 16 cards and need to show them publicly.
  • 3 people are dealt three chrysanthemum cards as follows: According to the prescribed number of people, the game needs to remove 5 cards before dealing (1 red soldier, 1 black pawn, 1 black general, 1 black soldier, 1 general). Mr. Hong). Then divide 9 cards equally among 3 people.
  • How to deal three chrysanthemum cards to 4 players: Each person will receive 8 cards.

How to calculate points for three chrysanthemum cards

In the card game Tam Chrysanthemum, points are calculated based on the results of the cards. At the end of the card with a special combination, points will be calculated as follows:
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End Fourth hand Tay ba Double hand
Conclusion 2 6 12
Conclusion 3 6 9 18
Four, five or black pawns 8 12 24
Good: Red over black 6 24 48

If the bet does not close according to the special number, the bettor will be the winner of the game. The loser’s score is equal to the ending score minus the number of cards on the card (ie winning cards in previous turns).

How to play tam chrysanthemum cards properly for new players

Basically, Tam Cuc will be played according to the following rules:

  • First person: Due to the assignment system, but on traditional silver mats, usually given to the eldest person.
  • The first person to play cards will shout: Card 1, pair, three, four or five and then place the corresponding number of cards face down.
  • Taking turns clockwise, each player will place face down the corresponding number of cards called by the first player.
  • After completion: Start opening cards to compete for the right to call or see that the number of cards is small, then there is no need to open the cards publicly, admitting defeat means “stealing” the cards.
  • The winner is the person with the highest value card.
  • The winner will continue to call turn 2 until all the cards in hand are used.

Notes when playing tam chrysanthemum:

  • The number 1 highest card is the red rook, playing Tuong – Sy – General counts with the card.
  • Tu Tu, Ngu Tu appeared in turn 1 and immediately won this round. Ngu Tu also has the right to steal and call the first card in the next turn.
  • Rules for ending the cards: If there is a match, the red cart is the highest. Whichever suit you end up with will have the reward rate according to that suit.

Apply experience to win in playing tam chrysanthemum cards

Tam Cuc card game is a highly strategic game that can achieve great results if you use the experience of experts in this game. How to play tam chrysanthemum card game. Here are some tips for playing Tam Chrysanthemum to ensure success:

  • Aim to win every match, determine the importance of holding out, or focus on building a strong trio to compete with your opponents.
  • Always know your cards in hand and know how to manage them.
  • If you have a strong card right from the start, use it to hit hard and aggressively in the game.
  • If there is a strong trio or good cards of the same color, take advantage of that to attack and control the match.


Game tam chrysanthemum is not just a card game but it also contains excitement and strategic calculation. Understand the rules of the game and How to play tam chrysanthemum card game is important so you can enjoy the game and have a chance to win. Hope the above sharing of New88 will help you play cards effectively and win more.

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