That Badu Mushroom Tea by Erykah Badu

That Badu Mushroom Tea by Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu has joined forces with Cookies founder Berner to introduce her own strain: “That Badu.” The music icon and entrepreneur describes the Limoncello crossbreed from Mad Cow Genetics, as an aromatic lemon scent that “just gets [you] through your day without you feeling overexposed.”

Cookie storefronts is hosting a launch for this collaboration, on International Women’s Day — March 8 — featuring Badu’s product line including ceramic bongs and rolling trays in blue-and white designs inspired from ancient Qinghua porcelains.

Black Magic Tea

Erykah badu, the Grammy Award winning Neo Soul icon, is venturing into cannabis. She recently collaborated to introduce her own strain, “The Badu,” and a tea set named after her. Badu boasts of its lemony flavor, which “reminds” her of a song. Mad Cow Genetics cultivates this variety, which offers citrus notes and subtle lemon zest flavors.

Badu, available in California’s Cookies and Lemonnade’s stores as eighths and a pre-roll, includes tea with mushrooms. This is the perfect option for moms to enjoy some time at home. Made with reshi, maitake, lion’s mane and turkey tail mushrooms as well as black tea and chamomile flowers for optimal uplifting and relaxing properties, its ingredients make this blend truly irresistible!

Blue Badu Tea is a soothing decaffeinated drink that contains ingredients like chamomile, French lavender and shiitake mushrooms. The blend also contains reshi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, turkey tail and shiitake mushrooms complex. These ingredients have been known to provide a calming effect on both the body and the mind.

These gummies give moms who are on the go a discreet solution that is both effective and discreet. If you loved this posting and you would like to receive much more info relating to how to grow organic coffee kindly stop by our web site. These fruity-flavored treats are made with premium solventless rosin extract and packed with CBD and CBG to soothe sore muscles and relieve aches.

“That Badu”, offers a variety of lotions and creams that are designed to relieve soreness, ease pain, and use a combination of high dose CBD, CBG and lavender oil. Arnica extracts and aloe vera are also included as active ingredients. This first topical release will help reduce stress, while restoring natural balance to your body.

Blue Badu Tea

Badu is a woman who has managed to stay true and authentic to herself throughout her career. Badu credits her spiritual development for her longevity and her success. She has found ways to uplift women’s spirits through music. This collaboration led her and Berner launch “That Badu”, a range of cannabis wellness products that provide serenity, empowerment and tranquility.

Badu has carefully curated a collection of herbal tinctures, oils, and lotions for women to empower them and lift their spirits. Each product has been carefully crafted to deliver therapeutic effects from herbs while remaining easy to use and safe for modern women. Cannabis enhances positive outcomes by helping balance nervous systems, and soothing minds.

Teas are carefully blended using an elegant combination of herbs such as Reshi, Maitake (Croatian Chamomile), Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex(LMC), Turkey Tail Mushroom Complex(LTM), French Lavender, and Egyptian Rose Petals. The result is an herbaceous blend which helps mothers to relax and recharge. Tinctures come both gummy and liquid forms to provide personalized dosage, while oils contain high concentrations of CBD to alleviate pain and inflammation and topical lotion is specially crafted using high dosage CBD, CBG calming lavender arnica and aloe for maximum efficacy.

Badu’s commitment to uphold, empower and support women can be seen in her decor. She uses antiques and vintage items throughout her home. Her most recent purchase was a custom-made bracelet by local artist Mimi Smith, which she used for our cover image. Chaney jewelry is made of fine china fragments collected along beaches and former plantations in St. Croix where Badu, her mother, and her ancestors all worked as slaves.

The next collection from “That Badu”, will be released in time for Mother’s Day. This collection includes “That Badu”, their exclusive strain developed in partnership with Berner, along with teas, tinctures and oils, hand-rolled cigarette and the Chaney Bracelet.

It Badu Technology Tea

Cookies’ first herbal, non-psychoactive shitake tea has been developed in collaboration with Erykah Badu. This tea is made from vanilla and bergamot flavored black tea leaves, decaffeinated to maximize enjoyment. It also contains 10mg CBD/5mgCBG for stress reduction and relaxation.

Badu wanted to empower women through this collaboration. Her song “On & On,” as well as her desire to instil self-empowerment within her fans was the inspiration for its name and terpene profile of this strain’s name and profile. Ideal for morning rituals, or to help focus throughout the entire day.

Badu has been a vocal advocate for cannabis since the beginning of her career. She even had a brand weed named after herself! She has also supported many cannabis-related charities, from doulas to obtaining a medical marijuana license in Texas.

In her YouTube video, she mentions the benefits of That Badu and specifically suggests it as a strain that helps improve mood and focus. She described its effect as uplifting but not heavy or sedated; adding that It makes for ideal nightly meditations or vision quests.

Cookies developed the strain and nurtured it in partnership. Its parentage is Limoncello (or Lemonchello28) crossed with Jet Fuel Gelato for an indica-hybrid strain with uplifting results that result from its crossbreeding. Leafly says that the citrus flavors of the strain contribute to its uplifting qualities, while Jet Fuel Gelato’s genetics provide fruity undertones.

Badu’s Apple Tree line stands out from other celebrity-backed cannabis brands because she offers more than just accessories; her Apple Tree collection contains edibles and flower from 8th packs to pre-rolls. Furthermore, she’s offering a Mother’s Day gift box featuring two types of psilocybin-infused tea (Ginger Magic and Earl Grey Creme) along with functional flavors (Golden Focus and Bergamot Brain Boost).

Cookies’ flagship store in Oakland will begin carrying the Badu Technology line starting May 14 – just in time for Mother’s Day! Please visit our online store for more information.

Apparel – Cookies X Badu

Erykah BADU has long been a vocal advocate for women’s right. She’s teaming up with Cookies Cannabis to launch That Badu as part of Women’s History Month. The premium range is designed with women’s needs in mind, and will debut on International Women’s Day (March 8). A second round of items is set to debut around Mother’s Day. 14 May, the planned launch date, will mark the second wave.

Badu’s brand vision was fully realized from the research and testing to the packaging design. All products have a purple-and white motif that resembles ancient Chinese Qinghua porcelains. Together, the two collaborated to create a piece that celebrates cannabis’ beauty and ritual.

Badu, as part of their partnership with Cookies and Lemonnade in California will release their first cannabis variety: a cross-breed between Lemonchello Gelato x Jet Fuel Gelato. The strain can be purchased in eighths and prerolls beginning March 8, 2018. In addition, “That Badu” line products such as topical creams, edibles and non-psychoactive mushroom tea will also be made available through Cookies CBD and Badu World Market websites for online sales.

Berner and Badu’s collaboration reflects the growing links between music and cannabis industry. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and musicians and brands turn to it more, they are elevating their craft while supporting wellness initiatives.

Badu explained this in her statement. “Creating a line of cannabis products designed specifically for women feels very, extremely necessary,” she said. “There’s a place for cannabis women, and I’m thrilled to be joining the committee.” The Badu X Cookies line is now available at selected Marni boutiques in the US and will be soon expanding internationally.