Reishi Mushrooms, Green Tea with Ganoderma, and L-Carnitine

Reishi Mushrooms, Green Tea with Ganoderma, and L-Carnitine

Ancient Chinese scholars considered reishi to be “medicine of kings”. Modern science has identified bioactive components found in reishi mushrooms that boost immunity and reverse immunosenescence – the natural weakening that occurs with aging.

Reishi is a valuable addition to any supplementation plan because it contains glyconutrients which increase levels of intracellular messenger cyclic AMP and modulate neurotransmitter signals.


Reishi mushrooms are an immune-enhancing supplement that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits. Its beta-glucans help activate your natural killer cell to fight cancers and infections. Green tea contains antioxidants like EGCG, which helps reduce oxidative damage and protects the liver.

Reishi mushroom can also improve your mood and mental clarity. The compounds in the mushroom help to reduce anxiety, insomnia and stress while helping you sleep better and relax more. Reishi mushroom may also provide benefits to the cardiovascular system, by supporting healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Ganoderma (GA) extracts protect against alcohol injury to the liver and intestinal microbes through anti-inflammatory antioxidant mechanisms. GA works against fatty-liver disease by suppressing the accumulation of lipids and normalizing liver activity. Its protective abilities were also demonstrated in an independent research which demonstrated that it significantly prevented excessive alcohol intake-induced hepatitis.

L-Carnitine is a nonprotein amino acid that assists the body in transporting fat into mitochondria for use as fuel. L-Carnitine has other benefits, including the ability to neutralize free radicles and maintain mitochondrial electron transfer chains. If you loved this post and you want to receive more information regarding what are the benefits of ganoderma coffee kindly visit our web page. It also increases glutathione levels and improves key detoxifying enzyme activities. L-Carnitine offers cardioprotective properties and can increase levels of antioxidant glutathione. It also enhances the activity and detoxifying enzymes.

Reishi and Green Tea combine in this product because of their ability to support immune function, improve liver functions, and minimize oxidative strain. This product also contains EGCG and polyphenols to provide additional antioxidant protection. While suitable for most adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with certain medical conditions should consult their healthcare provider before taking this or any dietary supplement.


Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum) have been revered for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine. This is due to their therapeutic benefits and the abundance of bioactive substances such as polysaccharides triterpenoids beta-d glucans, ganoderic acid, etc. Reishi mushrooms also provide ample protein, amino acids and vitamins.

Reishi mushrooms’ adaptogenic properties could also promote mental wellness. They may help reduce stress, improve sleep, promote calmness, relax and relieve chronic disease-induced oxidative stresses by balancing the blood pressure, lowering levels of cholesterol and improving liver functions.

Reishi green Tea may help to strengthen the immune system by increasing beta-D glucan intake. This has been found stimulate natural immunity responses in the body, and polysaccharides which have anti-inflammatory properties. Combine with L’carnitine as this combination can improve metabolism and support fat burning.

Reishi tea is a natural alternative to coffee. It contains ganoderma, l-carnitine and other ingredients. Free from artificial preservatives or flavors and gluten-free, Reishi green tea makes an excellent way to start off the morning or rejuvenate after a long afternoon. Recommendation is to take two sachets every day. Simply dissolve them in hot tap water to remove the flavor, or mix with milk for extra taste.

Side Effects

Reishi mushrooms are well known for their ability to reduce oxidative and inflammation stress, two major contributors to chronic health conditions and ailments. Reishi supplements are often recommended to patients by healthcare professionals for their ability to support liver health, as well as potentially lowering lipids and improving circulation. All of this is to say that they have antitumor properties, which aid blood circulation and have antitumor abilities. This makes reishi supplements an excellent option for those with chronic illnesses as well as for those who are looking for healthier lifestyle choices. These benefits make Reishi mushroom supplements appealing to both those who suffer from chronic illnesses as well as those who want a healthier lifestyle.

Reishi mushroom is used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It can be consumed daily as a tea, tincture or powder, depending on the product and its intended use. Reishi is available in powder or tea form. Most commonly, it is consumed as a part of traditional Chinese herb treatments. It’s recommended that people take between 1.5-9 grams a day depending on their product and intended uses.

Researchers conducted a study that demonstrated how polysaccharides (including peptides), triterpenoids and ganoderic acid) found in Reishi could protect mice against Alcoholic Liver Disease. Ganoderics acids appear to protect from ALD while improving intestinal microbiome disorders and lipid metabolism.

Reishi, green tea and l carnitine, when combined with mushroom nutrients such vitamin D and serenium, make mushroom tea can boost your immunity. Reishi and Green Tea also contain antioxidants that may reduce oxidative stresses and inflammation in the body.

Reishi mushrooms can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health. They help reduce cholesterol and guard against atherosclerosis. Reishi mushrooms, which are potassium-rich and can improve heart health by balancing body electrolytes and improving overall heart wellness.

Reishi tea with Ganoderma allows you to enjoy all the health benefits that this natural herb has to offer, without the caffeine content of traditional coffee. This beverage is free of artificial flavors and preservatives, making it a great way to reap the health benefits at any time. For more information on creating custom supplements with Reishi, reach out to Supplement Factory today.


Reishi mushroom contains beta-glucans which have been proven to have immune enhancing properties. Green Tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and catechins. These may reduce inflammation, oxidative strain and help improve liver functions by decreasing liver fatty acids. Reishi mushroom also contain antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage.

Reishi has also been shown to have antiviral properties. It is often used to treat hepatitis B in traditional Chinese Medicine. Initial studies suggest that the virus levels are reduced in the body. More research needs to be done. Reishi may lower blood-pressure or interact adversely with certain medications. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor prior to taking Reishi.

Reishi green is a great way to start your day. It contains natural ingredients that are known to improve health, like l-carnitine, an efficient fat-burning agent which helps with weight loss. Plus, this vegan-friendly formulation contains no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. For best results, take two sachets per day before meals.