Promote Secure Investments With Automated Know Your Investor Solution

Know Your Investor Solution

The real estate industry has a high rate of criminal attacks from unauthorized entities because they are holding huge amounts of finances. Imposters try their best to deceive land-holding businesses. For these reasons Investor solution, they use different scams including,

  • friendly frauds
  • forged identities scam 
  •  Money Laundering
  • Digital Identity thefts

All the above-mentioned, fraudulent activities are responsible for the downfall of authentic businesses. To protect investment companies from these unprecedented financial attacks, the Know Your Investor solution is available for all businesses to protect their identities from exploitation. 

What is an Investor Verification Service?

Investor evaluation is used for the authentication of shareholders before making any connections with them. These solutions assist businesses at both national and international levels with their compliance facility. Through investor accreditation verification, real estate companies can effortlessly eliminate the high risk of involvement with any illegal entity or an unauthorized shareholder. Most of the time, authorities restrict the accredited investor from linking with the one who hasn’t gotten a guarantee from a registered third party. The involvement of another party that is authorized is necessary because it protects the landholding businesses from getting hunted by scammers. 

The Authentication Process

To verify investors, real estate businesses go through various steps including:

  • Essentials to be Collected

To verify potential investor, businesses need the details of their shareholder’s credentials. This data includes:

  1. Investor’s Name
  2. Basic background
  3. Previous links with other real estate companies
  4. Financial Stability
  5. Residential locations

All these things are used by authorized companies to verify investor background, which later on helps the businesses in their decision-making procedures.

  • Authentication Process With Cloud-Based Know Your Investor Service

After gathering the details, businesses check the authentication of the shareholders by verifying their identity documents. All of the ID-based papers are verified under the automated Know Your Investor solution within a few seconds.

  • Final Analysis 

After completing the whole procedure, the system automatically notifies the company that it can make links with the counterparty. If the system detects any suspicious activity during the verification process, then it can send a notification alert to the businesses regarding the shareholders.

Secure Investments

Know Your Investor solution assists businesses in promoting secure investments all over the world. The system has a cloud-based AML verification facility, by which they can conveniently evaluate whether the money they got came from an authentic resource or not. For instance, in most cases,  landholding firms unintentionally make links with an illegal company that calls themselves authentic. They send laundered money through authorized resources to fool the officially registered businesses. If businesses want to detect black money then they must need qualified investor verification. It will help them in surviving during this fast-paced world. 

Facilities For startups

The real estate industry can focus on making links with businesses on a small scale by using Know Your Investor because it protects them from future threats. When companies have no fears of being involved with any unauthorized entity, they can freely support the businesses of all sectors.

International Agreements 

The digital world is progressing and it demands connections with companies at both national and international levels. Know Your Investor solution offers compliance with anti-money laundering regulations even in foreign countries. Therefore, real estate sectors can work with international clients and expand their businesses to a large extent.

Seamless Investor Onboarding Procedures

A long time ago, when businesses did not have these automated verification procedures, they used manual efforts to complete them. Traditional methods to evaluate the clients were relatively complex and time-intensive. Consumers have to visit office branches for their authentication processes. But now, with cloud-based solutions businesses can verify the investors with less energy and time. Moreover, it has helped them in saving their time. Through these solutions, real estate businesses do not have to pay for hefty penalties and worst reputational damages.

End Note

Know Your Investor solution is essential for all the growing real estate businesses and startups that want to achieve their targeted goals. If companies want to clear their blurred pathways, this solution is heaven for them. They can invest in investor evaluation services and later on, get an advantage over unprecedented financial attacks from unauthorized entities. When land holding companies are trying to go through this fast-paced world, where everything is pretending to be someone else. They need automated solutions that are not error-prone or slow for their validation procedures.

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