Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Sarmphone for You

slot777  – Using smartphones is now not something strange among students. No longer tied to a landline that requires a direct connection, but allows instant communication. The number of smartphone users in China reached 910.14 million people. India is in second place with the number of smartphone users of 647.53 million people, followed by the United States with 249.29 million smartphone users.

By using a qualitative method approach, the researchers found the results that it turned out that students majoring in Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Unsrat really understood and were able to utilize smartphones with their various features as a medium for communicating intensively with other people without needing to do it face to face. The concept of mobile phones has helped create significant improvements in communication and access to information in almost every part of the world.

Functions and benefits of smartphones in everyday life


Nowadays communication has become easier and cheaper since the availability of applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram on our smartphones. As long as you have stable internet access, you can freely send messages, call and even video call anyone you know.

Find Information Quickly

More than 50% of cell phone owners say they use their devices to quickly access information when they want to know something immediately.

Increase Creativity and Productivity

The features available on smartphones are very helpful in increasing user creativity and productivity. Apart from being practical and easy to carry, smartphones are also said to be quite easy to use.

Practical to use

Computers are known to be versatile tools with a focus on information and data processing, however, due to their large size, they are inefficient.

Stops Boredom

Another advantage of smartphones is, many phones today have enough memory and storage available where mobile gaming becomes a possibility.

Record videos and take photos

Humans are the most narcissistic creatures living on earth. This can be seen from historical scrolls which show that humans have always left traces of their lives through carvings, paintings and the like.

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