Which road is better from Pune to Shirdi?

Pune to Shirdi Cab

Traveling from Pune to Shirdi for a spiritual sojourn or a weekend getaway? Deciding the best route can be crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Both NH 60 and NH 50 connect these two cities, each offering unique advantages and drawbacks. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each highway to help you pick the perfect path for your Pune to Shirdi cab adventure.

The Scenic Route: NH 60

NH 60, also known as the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik-Shirdi highway, is the more scenic route, offering breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. Imagine winding through lush green landscapes, spotting waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs, and witnessing charming villages along the way.

Pros of NH 60

Panoramic beauty: Enjoy stunning vistas of the Western Ghats, making the journey itself an unforgettable experience.

Historical significance: Pass by historical landmarks like the Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves, adding a cultural touch to your trip.

Pleasant weather: NH 60 takes you through the scenic Sahyadri mountain range, offering a refreshing escape from the city heat, especially during the monsoon season.

Cons of NH 60

Longer travel time: Due to its winding nature and numerous villages, NH 60 takes approximately 5-6 hours to reach Shirdi, compared to 4-5 hours on NH 50.

Road conditions: Some stretches of NH 60 may be in poor condition, especially during monsoon season, leading to a bumpy ride.

Increased traffic: During peak season and weekends, NH 60 can experience significant traffic congestion, slowing down your journey.

The Faster Route: NH 50

NH 50, also known as the Pune-Ahmednagar-Aurangabad-Shirdi highway, is the quicker and shorter option for reaching Shirdi. This highway boasts smooth, well-maintained roads, making for a comfortable and efficient journey.

Pros of NH 50

Faster travel time: NH 50 takes approximately 4-5 hours to reach Shirdi, making it the preferred choice for time-bound travelers.

Better road conditions: This highway features smooth and well-maintained roads, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Less traffic: NH 50 generally experiences less traffic congestion compared to NH 60, allowing for a more relaxed drive.

Cons of NH 50

Less scenic: While NH 50 offers occasional glimpses of greenery, it lacks the breathtaking vistas and natural beauty of NH 60.

Fewer stopovers: This highway has fewer historical landmarks or cultural attractions compared to NH 60, limiting opportunities for exploration.

Monotonous drive: The straight and monotonous nature of the highway can be tiring for some travelers, especially on longer journeys.

Choosing the Right Route

Ultimately, the ideal route depends on your individual preferences and priorities. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose:

For scenic beauty and exploration: Choose NH 60 for its stunning landscapes, historical sites, and refreshing atmosphere.

For a quick and comfortable journey: Opt for NH 50 for its shorter travel time, smooth roads, and less traffic.

For a balanced experience: Consider factors like travel time, sightseeing opportunities, and personal preferences to make an informed decision.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Pune to Shirdi Cab ride

Book your cab in advance: This ensures availability and avoids last-minute hassles, especially during peak season.

Choose a reliable cab service: Opt for a trusted cab service with good reviews and experienced drivers.

Inform the driver about your preferred route: If you have a specific preference for NH 60 or NH 50, communicate it clearly to the driver beforehand.

Pack essentials: Carry sufficient water, snacks, and entertainment for the journey, especially if traveling with children.

Relax and enjoy the ride: Regardless of the route you choose, make the most of your Pune to Shirdi cab journey by soaking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful Indian countryside.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the perfect Pune to Shirdi cab route for your needs and enjoy a memorable and comfortable journey. Whether you seek scenic beauty or a quick and efficient trip, the road less traveled or the well-trodden path—both options promise a unique and rewarding experience.


Both NH 60 and NH 50 offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, making the “perfect” road a subjective choice based on your individual preferences. Consider your priorities: breathtaking scenery and cultural exploration or a swift and comfortable journey.

NH 60

Ideal for: Nature lovers, history enthusiasts, those seeking a relaxed and scenic drive.

Pros: Stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, refreshing atmosphere.

Cons: Longer travel time, potential for bumpy roads, increased traffic.

NH 50

Ideal for: Time-bound travelers, those seeking a comfortable and efficient journey.

Pros: Shorter travel time, smoother roads, less traffic.

Cons: Less scenic, fewer stopovers, potentially monotonous drive.

Additional Tips

Book your cab in advance.

Choose a reliable cab service with experienced drivers.

Inform the driver about your preferred route.

Pack essentials for the journey.

Relax and enjoy the ride!


Which route is more crowded?

Generally, NH 60 experiences more traffic, particularly during peak season and weekends.

Which route is safer?

Both highways are considered safe, with NH 50 having a slight edge due to its better road conditions and lower traffic density. However, it’s crucial to choose a reputable cab service and follow safety precautions regardless of the chosen route.

Are there any toll booths on the way?

Yes, both NH 60 and NH 50 have toll booths. It’s advisable to carry sufficient cash or have a prepaid toll pass for a smoother journey.

Can I stop for sightseeing on the way?

Yes, both routes offer opportunities for sightseeing. NH 60 offers more historical landmarks like the Karla and Bhaja Caves, while NH 50 has fewer but equally interesting attractions like the Ahmednagar Fort and the Shirdi Sai Baba Museum.

Which route is better during the monsoon season?

NH 50 generally has better road conditions than NH 60 during the monsoon season, making it the safer option. However, NH 60 offers a more scenic experience with lush green landscapes and waterfalls, if you’re willing to brave the potential for bumpy roads and slower travel times.

Ultimately, the perfect road for your Pune to Shirdi trip depends on your individual needs and preferences. Choose wisely and have a memorable journey!


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