What is the cost of stay in Jim Corbett?

Hotels and Resorts in Jim Corbett

Nestled amidst the verdant foothills of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park stands as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its rich biodiversity and captivating landscapes, the park beckons travelers from all corners of the globe. However, for many, the question of accommodation often arises, particularly when it comes to understanding the cost of a stay in Jim Corbett.

A Spectrum of Options to Suit Every Pocket

Jim Corbett offers a diverse range of accommodation options to cater to every budget and preference. From budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious jungle resorts, there’s something for everyone. The cost of your stay will primarily depend on the type of accommodation you choose, the time of year, and the amenities you seek.

Budget-Friendly Options: A Pocket-Friendly Jungle Adventure

For those seeking an affordable jungle experience, Jim Corbett offers a variety of budget-friendly options. These typically include guesthouses, home stays, and basic lodges. These accommodations often provide simple yet comfortable lodgings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings without breaking the bank. Expect to pay anywhere from ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 per night for these options.

Mid-Range Retreats: A Balance of Comfort and Affordability

Hotels and Resorts in Jim Corbett offer a balance between comfort and affordability. These accommodations typically provide well-appointed rooms, basic amenities, and sometimes even meal plans. Expect to pay anywhere from ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 per night for these options.

Luxury Jungle Escapes: Pampering amidst the Wilderness

For those seeking an ultimate luxury jungle escape, Jim Corbett boasts a selection of high-end resorts and lodges. These accommodations offer lavish amenities, impeccable service, and often include activities like jungle safaris and spa treatments. Expect to pay upwards of ₹5,000 per night for these luxurious experiences.

Seasonal Variations: Planning Your Trip Wisely

The cost of accommodation in Jim Corbett also fluctuates depending on the time of year. Peak season, which typically falls during the winter months (October to March), sees a surge in demand, leading to higher prices. Conversely, during the off-season (April to September), prices tend to be more affordable.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Accommodation

Apart from the type of accommodation and the time of year, several other factors can influence the cost of your stay in Jim Corbett. These include:

Location: Proximity to national park gates and popular tourist attractions can impact pricing.

Amenities: Additional amenities like swimming pools, spa facilities, and dining options can increase the cost.

Meal Plans: Inclusive meal plans can add to the overall cost but offer convenience.

Activities: Inclusion of activities like jungle safaris, nature walks, and cultural excursions can influence pricing.

Tips for Saving on Accommodation Costs

Book in advance: Early booking can secure better deals and discounts.

Consider off-season travel: Avoid peak season to take advantage of lower prices.

Explore budget-friendly options: Consider guesthouses, home stays, or basic lodges.

Utilize online booking platforms: Compare prices and find deals on various websites.

Negotiate with accommodation providers: Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially during off-season.


Jim Corbett offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly jungle adventure, a mid-range retreat, or a luxurious escape, there’s something for everyone. By planning your trip wisely, considering the factors that influence pricing, and utilizing cost-saving tips, you can enjoy an unforgettable jungle experience without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jim Corbett National Park


What are the different types of accommodation available in Jim Corbett National Park?

Jim Corbett offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. Here’s a breakdown:

Budget: Guesthouses and homestays offer basic amenities for ₹500-1,000 per night.

Mid-range: Hotels and resorts offer comfortable rooms, attached bathrooms, and additional amenities like swimming pools and restaurants for ₹1,500-3,000 per night.

Luxury: Premium resorts and lodges offer luxurious rooms, breathtaking views, spa services, fine dining, and personalized service for ₹5,000 and above per night.

How far in advance should I book my accommodation?

It’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak season (October to March). This ensures you get your preferred option and avoid disappointment.

What amenities should I look for in my accommodation?

Consider factors like location, amenities (Wi-Fi, AC, hot water), proximity to the park entrance, and budget while choosing your accommodation.


What are the different safari zones in Jim Corbett?

There are six safari zones in Jim Corbett: Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, and Sonanadi. Each zone offers a unique experience with varying terrain, wildlife sightings, and accessibility.

How much does a jeep safari cost?

The cost of a jeep safari depends on the zone you choose and the number of passengers. Entry fees range from ₹1,500 to ₹2,000 per jeep. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in the jeep rental cost, which ranges from ₹1,500 to ₹2,500.

Can I book a jeep safari online?

Yes, you can book jeep safaris online through various travel websites and park authorities. However, booking directly with local operators might be cheaper.

What are the best times for a safari?

Early mornings and evenings are generally considered the best times for wildlife sightings. However, safaris are conducted throughout the day.


What kind of food is available in Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett offers a variety of cuisines to suit all preferences, including Indian, Chinese, Continental, and local Kumaoni fare.

Where can I find budget-friendly food options?

Roadside stalls and small restaurants offer delicious local food at affordable prices.

Do any resorts offer all-inclusive packages?

Yes, some resorts offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodation, meals, and activities, which can be cost-effective.


What other activities can I do in Jim Corbett besides safaris?

Jim Corbett offers a range of activities for an additional cost, including:

Elephant safari


Nature walks


Jeep rides to Corbett Falls

Visit to Corbett Museum

What is the best way to get around the park for activities?

You can hire jeeps for the day or rent bicycles to explore the park at your own pace.


How much should I budget for a trip to Jim Corbett?

The cost of your trip depends largely on your budget and chosen activities. Here’s a rough estimate:

Budget: ₹2,000-3,000 per day

Mid-range: ₹5,000-7,000 per day

Luxury: ₹10,000 and above per day

These are just estimates, and actual costs may vary. Remember to factor in transportation, souvenirs, and other miscellaneous expenses.


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