Facing sexual harassment in Austin? Follow these steps

No one deserves to be harassed at work, but sexual harassment is probably the worst. Unfortunately, a significant number of such cases are reported in Austin each year. If a colleague has been sending you lewd jokes or a supervisor has asked for sexual favors for that impending promotion, you should take such things seriously. You may not understand the Texas laws related to such circumstances, which is why it is best to seek legal help. A competent sexual harassment lawyer Austin, TX, can help evaluate the situation better. Here are some steps to consider.

  1. Clearly tell the harasser to stop: Understandably, this might not be an easy step, but it is essential that you say to the harasser that you are uncomfortable with everything that’s happening and want the behavior to step. That would be the first warning.
  2. Start collecting evidence: If the circumstances allow, try to document the incidents. Photos, screenshots of messages, and videos are great, and you can also keep emails and other details handy. Note down everything that you remember because you may forget these details later.
  3. Report to HR: You can report sexual harassment, and the procedures are usually included in the employee handbook. There is an appropriate way to notify your company, and you should do that in writing. Also, keep a copy of the complaint.
  4. Get an attorney: While you can always contact the Texas Workforce Commission, your best bet is a sexual harassment attorney who has worked on such cases and specializes in Labor and Employment law. Ensure they are board-certified and have a solid track record.
  5. Don’t ignore retaliation: In the ideal world, no employer should retaliate against an employee who has filed a sexual harassment complaint. However, these things happen, and if your employer has taken steps to demotivate or intimidate you further, such as a demotion or a reduction in your salary, you can take action.

What can an attorney do for you?

There are different remedies in such circumstances. If you were terminated from the job or have been demoted, they could have you reinstated. In some cases, you could recover backpay for the income lost or loss of any other fringe benefits, such as bonuses. Also, if you have been seeing a therapist because of the sexual harassment situation, you could recover those costs. Your attorney can also ensure you recover the legal fees.

Do your homework and select a renowned sexual harassment attorney based in Austin at the earliest.

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