Best Subscription Boxes For Every Outdoorsman 

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The subscription box industry is booming.  If you think about subscription boxes, think of those designed for home use. Options that provide weekly meal delivery or ones with a particular theme, such as supplies for crafts, books, or artwork. However, there are also some excellent choices out there that are built to fit an outdoor lifestyle. 

Naturally, no one wants to take time out of their hectic schedule to go through dozens of subscription boxes in search of the ideal one. For this reason, we have done all the legwork so that you can get the best possible gear for your outdoor experiences! 

1. Crate Club Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

This outdoorsman subscription box provides some of the tactical and survival gear of any subscription box service. Your choice of subscription plan will determine the value, cost, and contents of your box, and there are four different plans to choose from.  

For the novice or casual tactician, the Lieutenant box offers survival and self-defense equipment, fire starters, emergency preparedness supplies, and more. It’s an excellent choice for someone just starting to explore the great outdoors or who simply appreciates cool stuff. 

To help you be more equipped for whatever life throws at you, the Captain crate includes the best selection of tactical and survival gear for everyday use, chosen by experts. You will find items like survival tools, outdoor essentials, self-defense gear, medical kits, EDC packs, and more. 

The Major Crate is the perfect option for the seasoned survivalist or tactician who wants to find new, high-quality gear every month. Everything in this crate has been thoroughly tested. If it does not pass the rigorous tests, you won’t find it inside Products like med kits, flashlights, optics, purification systems, and more are all available, 

The General crate contains tactical and survival gear that professionals use. Within, you’ll find real-issue tactical gear for front-line soldiers. Genuine tactical gear such as personalized bulletproof bag inserts, tactical self-defense flashlights, binoculars, survival, and EDC tools, and much more, are all available. 

2. Cairn Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

Cairn is another subscription box that aims to provide best-in-class outdoor gear. You can sign up and make monthly, quarterly, biannual, or yearly payments. Monthly boxes are valued at approximately $50; shipping is free if you live in the US. 

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Larger boxes are also available to you quarterly. The price of each of those bigger boxes is $350. Boxes are curated by gear experts based on your feedback and selections. By reviewing gear, you can also accrue reward points. You can exchange those points for clothing, free boxes, or gifts for friends in the Cairn shop. 

Although they constantly change their exact boxes, their website offers several sample collections. Typical boxes contain clothing, skincare products, and/or first aid kits, fire starters, and navigational aids. Cookware, hydration systems, and energy bars are a few more items of equipment you might receive.  

3. SCOUTBox Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

“For scouts, by scouts!” Established by two Eagle Scouts, the company recognizes the importance of having the appropriate equipment for occasional and regular campers. Scouts choose the contents of the monthly boxes that are included with this membership.  

Along with other gear and resources from reliable brands, typical boxes include trail snacks, outdoor gear, hiking and camping accessories, and instructional guides. One-month, three-month, and six-month membership plans are available when signing up.  

One of their initial boxes contains a carrying case, first aid kit, camp mug, educational card, multi-tool, sharpening stone, wallet ready for camping, and waterproof matches. These cards cover a variety of subjects, such as identifying plants and animals and instructions for tying knots.  

4. BattlBox Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

This subscription box is for the survival niche. Each box has a special “Mission” name and is filled with carefully chosen survival, outdoor, and EDC items. The first step in the signup process is selecting the box size that best suits your needs. Four subscription packages are available: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus.  

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Your boxes will arrive at the beginning of every month, and you can start using your new equipment immediately. Depending on your selected subscription package, you will receive a box containing varying gear for each “mission.”  

A feature that sets BattlBox apart is the mission cards—each mission has a different one. You can see the precise breakdown of the products’ values in that box on that mission card.  

5. Alpha Outpost Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

This subscription box’s primary objective is to provide users with the resources to explore new places, acquire new abilities, and create their paths. You choose a membership plan and your first box to get started. New members get a free knife, a t-shirt, and your first box.  

You will get new gear every month, and your membership payment is always processed on the third of the month. A minimum of three months of membership is required for this box, but you are free to skip boxes whenever you choose. If you end your subscription before the three-month mark, there might be a cancellation fee.   

Members not only get monthly boxes brimming with brand-new equipment, but they also get special discounts on products from the Alpha Outpost store.  

Bottom Line  

Many fantastic subscription boxes are available for use in all areas of our lives. Finding solutions that complement an active outdoor lifestyle is not always simple.  

Any of these options are excellent if you are searching for a box that will assist you in discovering new outdoor adventures. Because each box is designed for a particular kind of activity, it is ideal for both novice hikers and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

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